I’m not sure if you have noticed, but some seriously great work is coming out of Central (well just Mexico) and South America (mostly Brazil and Argentina) at the moment.

There is this auction idea integrating with Nike +, the further you run, the bigger your bid. Then there is this low-tech retail idea from Puma. Both absolute genius in their own ways.

It’s not just the sexy brands either. They are killing it on seemingly boring products as well. There’s Scotch-Brite, offering customers at a restaurant a free dinner if they wash their own dishes.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is another. When a customer buys Hellmanns a recipe based on other products in your basket gets printed out on the bottom of the receipt.

I don’t believe that these countries are anymore creative than say US, UK or Australia, its just that the concept of creativity is different. This is essentially down to experience, or more specifically a lack of traditional advertising experience.

Generally speaking, their creative communities aren’t bound by previous knowledge or experience in the same way we are in many developed countries. For our markets, being experienced carries baggage and is more often than not a burden.

I do think we are hitting a turning point, but generally speaking we are waiting for a generation to get out of the way.

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