A large sporting event apparently.

Putting the quality of this year’s advertising in and around the Super Bowl to one side. Why does it take huge sporting events to motivate brands to create communications that people are actually willing to watch? And not only watch, but seek them out.

Creating communications that people are willing to spend time with seems like an obvious mandatory that should be in any brief, no?

Admittedly most of the ads are essentially gags or emotional cinematic pieces but at least it adds to the experience rather takes away from it. Have you tried watching anything on free to air TV in Australia these days? It’s absolutely impossible to get into any show and follow the story. I’d rather wait for it to finish and buy the box set.

I’d love to see networks place some rules around the quality of what goes into the ad break. After all it’s in their interest to keep people interested isn’t it?

To be good you need a squillion dollars I hear you say? Ludicrous Super Bowl rates aside, not really, check this out from Field Notes.

Perhaps the reason for this sudden change in inertia is that the big cheeses suddenly take an interest and who wants to be the CMO with the least popular ad?