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Marketing in Australia – the spreading of trends, creativity and scale.

First of all this is a ramble, sorry. I have no idea where it’s going. In fact I think it’s really just the start of a thought. Now most people have probably seen this visualisation of the connections between Facebook users. Not only is it pretty amazing in terms of it’s sheer global size, it got me thinking about how/if marketing in Australia is different to other culturally western countries. When you look at the image, it’s pretty clear Australia and Australians are more disconnected due to geography and its spread of the population. And it also doesn’t have anywhere near the population propensity as other countries or regions.

So when I was moving here from UK, a lot of people warned me it was well, a bit behind the times to put it nicely. To be honest somethings are, like banking, and some aren’t, like the adoption of social media and smartphones.

I then thought I’d check out Google Insights to see if there was a difference in terms of demand for say ‘losing weight’ between UK, US and Australia over time. As you can see there is nothing in it. It’s pretty much the same for anything from iPhone to Cocaine. Take my word for it, I thought it wouldn’t be.

I went on to question the age old ‘Australia is a bit conservative and don’t do great creative.’ According to last year’s analysis of Cannes, Australia was the 5th most creative country.

I’m not sure if these are myths or not. For everything Australia is behind on, I could also come up with one for UK and USA. Maybe it’s scale as mentioned by Mark Pollard in his post about moving to New York. As marketers in Australia, perhaps we don’t have as much to gain financially by risking budget to be any more than number 5 in creative rankings, we just don’t have the scale. Maybe number 5 is OK. Perhaps industry has too much to lose by embracing trends and product innovation. We just sort of track everyone else?? Any way, food for thought.


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